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Our October 2019 Magazine

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We aren’t hiding from you … I promise.  If you are shopping at Smith’s and unable to find us, they have kicked free publications to the curb.  They have instituted a corporate policy to no longer allow free publication stands in their stores.  When Steven contacted me I tried not to take it personally even though it felt like Smith’s was coming for my family.  You see, my husband works for Visa as did I for 20 years and we were mildly insulted when Smith’s stopped taking Visa credit cards earlier this year.  Nonetheless . . . .   

Here at the magazine, we are resourceful and will continue to find great places to distribute.  One channel we stay focused on is digital.  If we can’t get the magazine everywhere you want to be in print (lol, get it?) than we can at least make sure our digital presence is the best possible. Within the last couple of months, we have upgraded our digital publishing to eliminate pop up ads for a better online reading experience, we have expanded our digital magazine with more content and JUST yesterday, we re-launched our website to include what many consider the best parts of the magazine – the Calendar of Events and Provider Directory. Our goal is help providers self-serve to continue to promote their services and gifts within the community so they can be found by our dear readers.  Please take a look at the website and check out the new features –

Now for October’s issue, we bring readers an abundance of health news that underscores the importance of paying attention to the little things – like teeth and gums.  Our feature, “Mouth Matters: A Holistic Approach to Oral Health,” delves into the mounting evidence that this “doorway to the body” can usher in heart issues, inflammatory response and even Alzheimer’s if not well maintained. Writer Ronica O’Hara details the growing body of less invasive and less toxic approaches to dental care.

And, in keeping with this inside-out, whole-body approach, writer Marlaina Donato offers insights into how one region of the body might affect a seemingly unrelated area in “Spinal Solutions: Chiropractic Care Yields Unexpected Results.” Thus, chiropractors can offer patients relief for a host of conditions, from asthma and digestion to headaches and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ).

The earth tilted while I wrote this, can you feel it? Enjoy the magazine, enjoy the equinox, and express gratitude for another successful rotation around the sun. 

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